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Total Medals Earned: 201 (From 63 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 2,705 Points


Medals Earned: 1/17 (10/490 points)

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Abraham Link Coln

Medals Earned: 12/55 (110/495 points)

Ambidextrous 5 Points

Find the Ambidextrous cave

Baby Key 5 Points

Find Baby Key

Cake Cat 5 Points

Help Indie Ana Jones and her michi michi cake cat

Chest 5 Points

Find the Chest

Yellow Rupee 5 Points

Find Yellow Rupee

Boss Key 10 Points

Find the Boss Key

Finding Nemo 10 Points

Find Nemo

Guitar Hero 10 Points

Perform a Guitar Hero at Guitar Hero Shack

Link Coln Stamp 10 Points

Find the Link Coln Stamp

The Keyss 10 Points

Find the Keyss

The Ring 10 Points

Watch the Ring Movie

Big Boss Key 25 Points

Find the Big Boss Key


Medals Earned: 4/45 (20/1,440 points)

Infinite Space 5 Points

Build the Storehouse.

Instant Meat 5 Points

Defeat a Boar.

Metallurgy 5 Points

Build the Smelter.

Shelter 5 Points

Build the Hut.

Basically Warzone (CoD Warzone Parody)

Medals Earned: 2/5 (50/125 points)

PWNED #1 25 Points

Lose The Gulag

PWNED #2 25 Points

Win The Gulag

Biker Rage

Medals Earned: 1/19 (10/440 points)

Punks are dead 10 Points

Kill 25 punks

Bullet Heaven 2

Medals Earned: 5/64 (70/1,200 points)

Don't Do That! 5 Points

Destroy a steel or copper spike ball. Hopefully you'll learn your lesson and try not to do it again!

Self Destruction 5 Points

Destroy a big bomb and knock out at least 3 enemies with it. Keep a look out for bombs in enemy formations!

Grazing Gazelle 10 Points

Graze 100 bullets or more in a single level. Get into the habit of grazing for points!

Beach Clear 25 Points

Rescue the beached sea creature and complete world 2.

Desert Clear 25 Points

Vandalize an ancient machine and complete world 3.

Bullet Heaven 3 [Prototype]

Medals Earned: 1/16 (5/500 points)

Baby Steps 5 Points

Buy your first of many upgrades.


Medals Earned: 3/7 (80/340 points)

Cutting Edge 5 Points

Collect a Sharpening Stone

Dreamchaser 25 Points

Clear LVL1

Vacant Spaces 50 Points

Clear LVL2


Medals Earned: 3/20 (20/495 points)

Hello Spells! 5 Points

Cast your first spell

Untapped Potential 5 Points

Get any spell to level 5

Novice Traveler 10 Points

Travel 5000 meters

Christmas ADVENTure 2019

Medals Earned: 3/30 (35/445 points)

December 6th 5 Points

Open the sixth present!

December 7th 5 Points

Open the seventh present!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!